Zemek Engineering has a solid base in Mackay, Qld, where it has operated since 1975. Zemek Engineering provides competitive high quality repair and refurbishment services for mining companies and for heavy industry throughout Queensland and NSW.

The company actively pursues new ideas and research in order to provide mining components for the next generation. The latest product is the aperture roller pictured on this page. Another new product, specially designed sockets for draglines, ensures companies can double the life of their dragline rope. 

Zemek Straight Line Drag Sockets 

Zemek Engineering recognised the significant capital and manpower costs of wire ropes being re-socketed and changed so frequently on most draglines buckets in the Bowen Basin. Consequently a new straight line drag socket was developed that ensured that drag lines could at least double the life of drag wire ropes in all operating environments. Benefits of the new Dragline Sockets - Case Study  

New Dragline Sockets

Zemek Nylon and Urethane Rollers

Zemek Engineering markets exclusive nylon and urethane products that have proven to out-perform all other similar products being used in similar applications in the Mining Industry. Benefits of the new Dragline Rollers - Case Study

The Zemek drag tunnel rollers in operation at one BMA mine is a perfect example where these rollers are still operating 11 months after installation and are predicted to last a further 12 months. In comparison, standard drag tunnel rollers have an operational life of 4 weeks, before they are renewed. Zemek rollers can be adapted to operate in any application and in any size.

The company can fabricate absolutely everything and also provides a range of new products based on local designs, which are cast, or manufactured, in Queensland.

Zemek Engineering Overview

11 Presto Avenue, Mackay Harbour, Qld 4740
Mackay (07) 4955 5133
Rutherford (02) 4931 9721
ABN 62 956 201 551
ACN 05 155 97 67

New aperture rollers destined for a Glencore mine